Saturday, 25 June 2016

Micro-chipping your child gives paedophiles direct access !!


US Government Wants To Microchip All Kids “Sooner Rather Than Later”



The U.S. government intends to further their control over the lives of Americans by introducing microchipping for children in the near future...

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Here's a comment from one clueless parent today on Facebook and my replies:

Tîna Lou Keall i thin ths is a good thing with all these children going missin these days i would defo get my kids done coz ifthey ever went missin we would find them straight away xx

Bronwyn Llewellyn No you wouldn't Tina Lou Keall. Who do you think runs the technology to find your child? Yeah... the same people who are taking the children...
ie: your government, who all run with the Satanist agenda of "anti-life". Are you one of them? Is that why you're supporting this happening?

Tîna Lou Keall Oh my god are you for real ?

Bronwyn Llewellyn Are you for real Tina? I don't think you have a clue...

>>  Time for you to get an education. Go to these links:

Bronwyn Llewellyn Are you getting the picture yet Tina Lou? - The very same people (the government) who want to chip your child, are the very same people who want to know where your child is, so they know where to pick them up from. Your chipped child will be used in Satanic ritual sacrifice ceremonies, they will be sodomised -according to Satan's instructions to them for centuries, (ie: fucked up the ass until they're torn up inside and start to bleed profusely), and they will be ritually sacrificed. They even sodomise and rape babies !! After that, your child's warm blood will be drunk by those perverts who are present (100s of them on any one occasion), then when your child's flesh has been cooked, these perverts will eat your child's cooked flesh... Some of them won't even worry about cooking the flesh...

And all of that has a much greater likelihood of happening because these paedophiles - your government and its agencies - knew where your child was, every minute of every day. Do you still think micro-chipping children is a good idea?

Bronwyn Llewellyn If you really want a good life for your child, listen to this - and start educating yourself about what "the agenda" is.

Bronwyn Llewellyn And you've got to ask yourself why there's 1,313,074,473 views on this video? 'Chandalier' by Sia. Many of Sia's other videos have views in the millions, eg: 'Elastic heart' with 643 million views. So you've got to ask why there are 1.313 trillion views of 'Chandalier'. This is an 'impossible' number. There's only 7 trillion people on the planet. Maybe it's got something to do with the 12-year-old in the flesh-coloured leotard. Yeah. She looks nude. That's how many perverts there are out there Tina Lou jerking themselves off to this young girl showing off her crotch in a costume that gives her the appearance of being nude! Are you getting the picture yet? One trillion, three hundred and three million, seventy-four thousand, four hundred and seventy-three. That is the extent of the numbers of perverted minds there are out there in the world... representing approximately 1:7 of the global population !! So for Christ's sake... Don't give these criminally insane a way to actually find your child! Ffs!

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