Friday, 28 August 2015

CAFCASS (social services) ABDUCT children from UK families !!

Social Service is Stealing Children and Abusing Them Youtube WAKE UP

Published on Apr 20, 2015

Social Service is Stealing Children and Abusing Them Youtube Wake Up if you have children.

UK social services kidnapping children for trafficking for profit and paedophiles WAKEUP

Published on Apr 20, 2015
Police and social services kidnapping and trafficking children for profit and paedophiles. If there is injunctions still in place to hide this crime against humanity, tough. I think its been hidden for long enough. WAKE UP if you have children!

Pope Francis compares Clergy Rape to a "Satanic Mass"

Vatican ex-envoy Wesolowski dies ahead of abuse trial

BBC News
1 hour ago

The former archbishop had already been convicted by a church tribunal

Jozef Wesolowski, a former archbishop and Vatican envoy to the Dominican Republic, has died before he could be tried for child sex offences.

He had been taken ill just before the start of his Vatican trial in July.

He was accused of paying for sex with children in the Dominican Republic.

Wesolowski, 66, would have been the first high-ranking church official to be tried on paedophile charges. His case was seen as a test of the Vatican's pledge to stamp out abuse.

Last year, the Pope compared the actions of those who commit such crimes to a "satanic mass".

Wesolowski was due to have been tried at a court set up by Pope Francis

Wesolowski was reportedly found dead early on Friday morning. A Vatican statement (in Italian) said preliminary indications were that he had died of "natural causes".

Wesolowski was charged with abusing children in the Dominican Republican between 2008-13.

He was also charged with possession of child pornography, dating from his return to Rome in 2013.

He was due to have been tried under a new court system, set up by Pope Francis, to try clerics and employees of the Church who have been accused of exploiting minors.

If convicted, he could have faced between six and 10 years in jail.

Wesolowski had already been convicted over abuse by a church tribunal and defrocked as archbishop.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Jewish boy age 7 raped by Orthodox man at purification baths

Orthodox Jewish rape survivor buried by a community that shunned him

Posted October 20, 2014. MARY MURPHY

Diangello had walked away from the Satmar Hasidic community — and his name — at age 17, ten years after suffering what he said was a brutal sexual assault in a mikvah bath on Marcy Avenue.

“I think when that person raped me, he murdered my Jewish soul,” Diangello told PIX11 Investigates in early 2009, when he finally started going public with his story.

Diangello lobbied state legislators in Albany to change the “statute of limitations” for abuse survivors, so they could have more time to confront the reality of what had happened to them.

He attended the trials of accused abusers and rapists within the Hasidic community, watching a former counselor named Nechemya Weberman get sentenced to 103 years in prison, convicted of raping a female student when she was just 12 years old.

Diangello paid a price for leaving the community, often getting hissed at on the streets of Williamsburg, if he was seen anywhere near his old neighborhood.

His story was one of intense trauma.

Diangello had taken PIX11 to the shul on Marcy Avenue in 2009, explaining that he used to go to the mikvah with his father, starting when he was 7 years old.

“It’s supposed to cleanse your soul,” Diangello explained to me about the mikvah bath.

Instead, when Diangello entered the bath before his father, he said that’s when the assault happened.

“I just felt this unbelievable pain,” Diangello recalled. “I fell under water.”

Diangello added, “It felt like my whole spine crumbled.”

I invited him to a Mother’s Day dinner this year with my family in a Brooklyn restaurant, and he happily shared a meal with us.

We were glad to be with him, enjoying his mischievous sense of humor and his amazing blue eyes. But I knew that Joey still carried his pain around.
He made a remark about taking Xanax, an anti-anxiety medicine.

The last time I heard from Joey was a text he sent on September 17.

He wanted to let me know that his childhood friend, Joel Engelman—another abuse survivor—had married. I knew he was happy for Joel.

Rest in peace, Joey Diangello. You traveled this world with a brave soul—and left us better for it.


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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Paedophiles are PROTECTED by "Child Protection". A 1999 experience.

Case Evidence that statatory Matrix Protects the Paedo Industry via Care System

Published on Jul 28, 2015

Case Evidence that statatory Matrix Protects the Paedo Industry via Care System

In '99 I took on the case outlined here, only to learn how there appears to be a network within statory services and the Voluntary sector that is working to cover up abuse of Paedo networks of an international scale.
I have put together here 6 of 9 video's I made regarding the case and what was experienced. The case lasted 10 years, although for sure has not ended.

It involved {-

- Gang Stalking

- Occult Practices

- Government (Based) Mind Control Slavery

Today 15 years on the public are aware of some of these atrocites but not the full scope and Networking involved.

Before it was in the media, I recieved disbelief and avoidance from people when I tried to say what was happening, even at Rallies I was hidden; I was begged prior to speak at anti Child abuse Rallies, yet when I did all footage of me from 3 film crews is nowhere to be seen. Nor heard.
Hidden from public visability. Although by the grace of God a passerby filmed some of my speaking from afar.

I created these video's 5 years ago, even then not many people were prepared to listen or believe. Recently i noticed in these 6 youtube videos my face morphs, which it didn't when I uploaded 5 years ago. I therefore felt to join the first 6 sections and later I will join the others 3 video's which cover in more detail the
Gang stalking aspects,
Occult aspects,
Government based Mind Control of children in care.

There is also a blog to accompany this video

Plus a blog covering the overview

" Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32New International Version (NIV)