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GERMANY: Young Children EXPOSED to Explicit Material in SCHOOL !!


* German Government And The German Royals 5yr Old To Learn Sex *

in all countries.

Outrage as five-year-olds get sex-education book on how to achieve orgasms and put on a condom, it started in Germany and now moving to all Legislative Legal. Wherever this is your child will be shown and taught this.

German men and women now want this in every school so all children as young as five were given a sex-education book giving graphic advice on how to put on a condom and how to achieve orgasms and how to accept this as normal and how to please another young boy or girl and even an adult.

Outraged parents complained when youngsters at a school in Berlin were given the book, called 'Where Do You Come From?', which features explicit cartoon depictions of sex action in great details.

The book, which shows a couple called Lisa and Lars engaging in various of stages of intercourse, shows Lisa putting a condom on Lars and another image of the pair having sex and how and what to do.

Explicit: A few Parents were left outraged after a school in Germany gave sex education books featuring explicit images to children as young as five on how to do these things and to even adults and to except this as normal, and Government are all for this including the teacher who say there is nothing wrong with these books.

Instructions: One of the pictures in the book, which features Lisa and Lars, shows Lisa putting a condom on Lars and there are many instructions on how to please your friend and partner and perform sexual fellatio onto each other and also anal sex.

Outrage: Children as young as five at a German school were given access to all explicit sex education book which teaches are now show how to put on condoms and how to achieve orgasms and so on and will show five year old's on them the teachers said the children love it and so do we, and the Germany Government are backing all this across all the Legislative Legal countries.

The book is still said to be available at the school but not readily accessible by pupils they must ask the teacher for this.

And most Parents were not concerned by the images featured in the book, but also by some of the explicit descriptions used were happy to go along with what the Germany Government has implemented and are also happy that this will be implemented in all schools across the land and also across EU, England, USA, Canada, Australia and all other Legislative Legal countries.

The book, aimed at educating children aged five years and upwards, reads: 'When it's so good that it can't get any better, Lisa and Lars have an orgasm,' and 'the vagina between the legs, nipples on the breast and penis, and balls feel nice and tingly and warm.'

The book features a variety of images and positions featuring Lisa and Lars having sex and oral sex and anal sex this all coming from Germany and the German Government.

The Germany Governments and the Teachers said: The book is to be replaced with a toned up, modernised version and this is all good.

Politician Dorothee Baer of the Christian and the Catholic, Muslim, Jewish and all other faiths Social Union party in Bavaria said: 'Sex education should accompany the development of children,to speed it up the learning process's.'

Monika Grutters from the Christian, Catholic,Muslim,Jewish Democratic Union Party told the Die Welt newspaper that she is not against 'unnecessary zeal' in sex education she is all for it.

Where Do You Come From? was first published by Loewe Verlag in association with German family planning group Pro Familia in 1991.

The publishing house said that the book is no longer being produced as some of its messages are out of date and added that it is being replaced with a book called 'Was I in Mummy's Stomach Too?' which the publishers say is less explicit.

The outrage comes as few teachers but most teacher in the UK happy have been encouraged to introduce pornography into the classroom, using sex education lessons to explain that porn is 'not all bad' and 'hugely diverse' and will even show, explain and includes touching each other inter-mate parts.

The recommendations, included in an educational guide, suggest that teachers confront 'myths' about porn and inform children as young as five about sexualisation, oralisations, and analisations can be most enjoyable with senselisation when one does this to another.

The guidance could have significant influence in all British schools after the Government's decision to keep sex education lessons voluntary, leaving all schools to devise their own ways of teaching the subject on to 5 yr old and upwards.

Now do you see that our indigenous England land, and our Government Office, has been infiltrated by Germans and the Gestapo wo/men of the NAZI of all cancer sicko's of these vile demented, deranged and deluded lot that obey the Germain Legislative Legal of their society all those that state this these are the one whom are the traitors to our indigenous land/s and our indigenous laws...

while their all ignore all our real laws and yet imply and enforce and reenforce their so called laws upon the people and this land... anyone stating this upon this land are seen as Traitors and treasonous upon our good land must be hung by their scummy sick demented - deluded - and totally deranged, and must be removed like the vile cancer that there all are that are upon our indigenous land/s...

here is a link where you can find out more to what they are doing and have planned for your 5 year old.

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