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Report by CHRIS EVERARD – THE ENIGMA CHANNEL has been investigating Satanism, Paganism, Witch Cults and Druidism – this week our new TV Series reveals that British Police have their own Association for officers who are Pagans…  Their association is for officers who share common religious Pagan interests such as the HORNED DEITY and Sacrifice…  Their HQ is just a stone’s throw from where an alleged cult of Satanists are accused of drinking blood from sacrificed babies…  
Now we come to the spectre of the Pagan Police Association; Druids, you know, also did sacrifices – and it is pertinent to note that there is a PAGAN POLICE ASSOCIATION with it’s HQ a few miles from the Hampstead cult.

Clearly, Wicca, Satanism, Paganism, Druidism and WitchCraft are all recognised as serious religions in the Pagan Police Association literature and on their website. Sacrifice is a central aspect to Judaism, and a central aspect to Paganism.
Should we not – as members of the public – be told if Officer D.C. Savage, the Judge, other police officers and family members condone or have ever practiced sacrifice?
This is an important question because on many occasions, the children said that certain police officers themselves were members of the cult.

The HORNED DEITY is commonly worshipped by many Pagans and Satanists – and Police Officers – alike!

Surely one of the first questions the police would have asked the father, Mr Ricky Dearman is “Have you, sir, ever witnessed, or been present at, any ceremony involving paganism, sacrifice or anything which would be construed as ‘witchcraft’?”. I think that would be the most logical first question – don’t you?
The main focus of the police interview with the father [an actor named Ricky Dearman] – recorded on 15th September 2014 – is on an eventless visit to a swimming pool and the multiple allegations that Ella Draper would concoct “any story” to keep her children away from Ricky Dearman.
At no time during this interview conducted by police officer D.C. Savage does he ever approach – in detail – the allegations of sacrifice.
Considering that sacrifice is such a crucial and central part of judaism and the pagan-related religions respected [and one supposes enjoyed] by members of the Pagan Police Association, and that Abraham the Patriarch is said to have even sacrificed his own son, and that so many of the alleged abusers have jewish-sounding family names in this strange Hampstead case, would it not have been proper for the officer to ascertain if Ricky Dearman was practicing judaism, paganism or any other cult activity which involved sacrifice? Is it not simple logic to expect a police officer to ask the father accused of sacrificing and murdering babies if he had ever seen an animal sacrificed at a synagogue, or elsewhere?
Druidism is given a ‘whitewash’ by the Police Pagan Association – but many engravings tell of Druids sacrificing humans at stone circles – the Romans dubbed them ‘Pagans’.  All forms of human sacrifice are forbidden under UK law.
See Full Everard article here >>
Pagan cops get eight new holidays  
- The Sun

5 years ago

Oddball ... Pagan cops get eight new holsOddball ... Pagan cops get eight new hols

A PAGAN police support group which gives cops the right to take EIGHT oddball holidays each year has been launched today.
The Pagan Police Association (PPA) was proudly announced by co-founder PC Andy Pardy of Hertfordshire Constabulary after Home Office chiefs officially sanctioned the group last week.

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