Thursday, 7 May 2015

Squatters in LONDON PROTEST Highlight the UK Housing Crisis !!

"Amongst these concerns but not exclusive to are Homelessness and The Nationwide Homelessness Issue, The Fraudulent Banking System, Endemic and National Child Abuse, Medical Cannabis Awareness and Climate Change/Pollution Issues." - AN

By Anarchic News on Facebook
Published May 6, 2015

Squatters and Homeless Autonomy

These anarchic activists, who are very active in Central London, squat office space and industrial units to highlight the housing crisis and homelessness, amongst other issues. Their present and undisclosed location has been providing a place for activists to meet, organise and share ideas. Regular activities such as speeches, group discussions, banner making sessions, live music, poetry reading, film and comedy nights to name a few that are held daily.

In addition to providing food, advice and shelter for the homeless, in the last week they have provided shelter to those protesters travelling to The Occupy Democracy, Parliament Square. Several whom of which have travelled from remote locations in the UK, only to be effected the by draconian bylaws of Westminster finding themselves unable to camp on Parliament Square. The area being manned but a large number of police officers and vehicles 24 hours a day.

SHA, working with and alongside various other squatting groups across the capital have networked efforts to resist governmental efforts to socially cleans London. The properties 'cracked' - the process of gaining entry - are well maintained by the various groups and used a livings spaces as well as protest hubs. Regular interactions with the Police and UK Law Enforcement mean the group often finds itself in direct confrontation with establishment. Often answering summons to the courts, dealing with security guards and property owners. The larger part of which is carried out a polite and good humoured fashion.

Previous places the group have squatted include The Admiral Arch, Saint James Park and various vacant office spaces, ministry buildings within and around Westminster. These properties once entered are prepared quickly for habitat, the buildings safety features and health risk soon found and highlighted to those within or visiting the occupying group. The collective interest of the group are expressed to general public in close proximity through the media of posters. These being of various shape and size are displayed prominently in the windows of occupied properties. As intended often catching the attention of those people passing and living in the local area, many intrigued and interested by the posters outside and protesters within.

In addition to the above and whilst working in close proximity to other activists groups the members of SHA attend and help organise events with groups such as The Anarchist Federation, The Red and Back Anarchist, Class War, Black Lives Matter and Occupy Democracy to mention a few. The collective having been very busy in the build up to and over The May Day General Strike and Election 2015. This said discussions with it's members soon disclose that they have ambitions that reach far further than the 2015 Elections which it seems in their opinion will have little or no effect on the issues they are trying to highlight.

Amongst these concerns but not exclusive to are Homelessness and The Nationwide Homelessness Issue, The Fraudulent Banking System, Endemic and National Child Abuse, Medical Cannabis Awareness and Climate Change/Pollution Issues.

As well as offering training and advice to groups with similar intentions as SHA across the United Kingdom. The group is also actively seeking additional members to increase their crew sizes and therefore presence in Central London and beyond. Offering the right individuals a chance to join forces with like minded people and engage the powers that be through the use of various acts of protest and civil disobedience.

Living outside of the current system, the larger part of the group being neither in employment or subscribing to the benefits system, means they generally survive in the fringes of the city. Using their wit, ingenuity and survival skills to eat, shelter themselves and actively organises against the corrupt and broken system that surrounds them. Many members of the general public, shops and businesses local to their transient location, often providing donations of food or other items they feel would be helpful.

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